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Welcome to the virtual editorial boardroom. We want to hear from you as we evaluate our current issue and design the next issue of Model Aviation. Topics will vary but can include your thoughts on what products to review, plans-build articles to write, and covers for next month's issue! As the editorial staff builds and designs the next issue, they will be reviewing all comments throughout the production process.

The questions will change throughout the development process of the magazine, so check back often as we ask for your input.

The results for our last Virtual Editorial Board vote are as follows:

Q: Which photo should be on the cover of the October issue of Model Aviation?

A: 44.2%    

Q: Rate how important it is that Model Aviation magazine be printed on recycled paper

A: 3% Utmost Importance   27% Important   37% Something To Consider   33% Not Important At All

Q: Recent issues have featured larger graphics and images. Please share your opinion on the integration of larger designs.

A: 44% I really enjoy the larger graphics.   56% Larger graphics should be incorporated as appropriate.   0% Larger graphics should only appear rarely.   0% The magazine should primarily be text heavy.

Please share your thoughts on the following topics: