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Review by Matt Ruddick
Unlock the potential of your micro brushed quad!
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Product review

Slightly more than a year ago, NewBeeDrone released the original BeeBrain, an upgraded flight controller for micro quadcopters such as the Blade Inductrix and Tiny Whoop. It allowed for Betaflight firmware to power the aircraft and for the ability to customize flight characteristics that were previously set only by the manufacturer.

The BeeBrain V2 is the successor to that ground-breaking product, and it comes packed with new features that stand out against the crowd. The BeeBrain V2 comes in two protocol flavors: DSMX/DSM2 and FrSky Electronic Co., which covers a large portion of the transmitter market. It has been upgraded to an F3 processor for more power and calculating speed, and features four 30-amp, pulsed mosfets.

The external antenna has been supplemented by a separate internal antenna that can be used in the event that the external antenna becomes disconnected. Finally, the BeeBrain V2 has changed the battery connector to the JST PH-2.0 connector, which is suited for better voltage transfer from the battery.

The most obvious change is what’s included in the package. For the first time, this flight controller is packaged with a new custom video transmitter and 600 TVL camera. The BeeTX video transmitter is a 40-channel VTX that can run at either 1mW or 25mW and allows for full access to Betaflight OSD when it is connected to the BeeBrain.

Access to the full Betaflight OSD might just be worth the price of admission because you are no longer tied to a timer to gauge your flight time. Having your battery voltage presented on screen while you fly gives you the freedom of knowing you’ll be able to land before you damage your battery. You can also adjust your PID settings and change your video transmitter channel directly from the interface, without the need to decipher small LED lights on the aircraft.

The BeeEye camera is a standard 40-channel, 600 TVL camera complete with a 20° mount. Clarity of the image through the BeeEye is good, although not quite as sharp and clear as other, more-expensive cameras on the market.

Early reports of light leaking through to the sensor have already been addressed by NewBeeDrone with the inclusion of a backing layer on the rear of the camera mount. This camera is fully protected by the mount as well, offering some protection from lighter impacts.

Having all of these components included in one kit has allowed NewBeeDrone to do something new with this product. All of the components are designed to be completely plug-and-play and no soldering is required during the build process. Quite simply, you screw down the flight stack onto your frame, plug in your motors, and you’re ready to fly.

In my testing, I was able to build a fully functional quadcopter in less than 8 minutes. This will also speed repairs at the field because each component is sold separately and can be replaced in seconds. In short, this setup will likely get you in the air quicker and keep you in the air longer. The BeeBrain V2 Flight Controller Set is available now through NewBeeDrone for $79.99.


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