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Article by Timothy Dawson.
Bonus photos to supplement the full article.
Full build article in the December 2014 issue.

When starting a new project I like to investigate the aircraft I am modeling as much as possible. The Internet has made this easy because all the information you could possibly want is right there; not like it was 42 years ago when I first got into this hobby.

The model I chose is the ARUP S2. I wanted something you don’t see everyday and I love flying wings! The information I could find on this aircraft was limited, but I did obtain a three-view drawing and a couple of photos, so that is what I used to build from. There is a set of plans on the market, but they are not even close to the original aircraft so they were of no use. I set out to make my own templates (paper cutouts), and traced the outline on the garage floor and went to work. As work progresses, you can see how I maintained shape and a true-to-scale outline of the model.

I think if you spend a little more time in your project details you will be very proud of the result! I am very proud of mine!

Build photos to supplement full article

Read the full article in the December 2014 issue of Model Aviation.

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