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Written by Jay Smith.
As featured in Worth A Closer Look in the May 2012 issue.
Read the review and watch videos.

2.4 GHz radios have brought us the ability to fly our models without fear of frequency issues, which is a wonderful thing since aircraft are available that can be flown almost anywhere.

But just like charge leads and balancing plugs, there are several options when it comes to radios and they don’t all work together. Using 72 MHz provided modelers the ability to mix and match receivers; the switch to 2.4 GHz caused a higher level of brand loyalty than we had in the past.

Many RTF models also include basic 2.4 GHz transmitters and modelers could find themselves with a large collection to support their aircraft. Buying a new RTF aircraft and removing the radio system is an option, but a costly one.

Hobbico listened to this feedback and designed the Tactic AnyLink 2.4 GHz Adapter. This little black box with an antenna sticking out provides a simple way to enjoy all transmitter-ready (Tx-R) airplanes as well as those equipped with a 2.4 GHz Tactic SLT receiver and it works with most Futaba, JR/Spektrum, or Hitec radios.

We connected the AnyLink to a Futaba 8FG transmitter. It only requires the included Futaba Square Adapter Cable to be plugged into the trainer port and the module to be fastened to the back of the transmitter with the included locking adhesive strips.

A compatibility chart is available online that provides details on supported transmitters, along with any additional cables that might be required to allow it to work. The included manual describes the process to link the transmitter to the aircraft, which can differ, depending on the brand you are using.

AnyLink has a 1,000-foot range and is targeted for use with micro and park flyer models. To date, 12 different aircraft are Tx-R ready and we have had the opportunity to test it with three of them without issue.

Best of all, Hobbico is providing an AnyLink free until April 30, 2012, with the purchase of any Tx-R aircraft from participating dealers.

Hobbico: Box 9021, Champaign IL 61826; Tel.: (800) 637-7660; website:

AnyLink Unlocks Your RC Transmitters Full Potential (from Hobbico's Youtube Channel)

Linking Micro Tx-R Aircraft to AnyLink (from Hobbico's Youtube Channel)

How to use Tactic AnyLink with JR & Spektrum Radios (from Hobbico's Youtube Channel)

Learn more at Watch more videos on Hobbico's YouTube Channel at

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I am from india, do you ship to INDIA I have a spektrum TX with out square adapter, will it worm on this TX. thanking you csaguptha

I puchase the jet from Tower hobby with the any link Ready I have try 2 anylink light do not come on on the anylink the Transmiter come on it seam there no power coming out off the Charging jack The transmiter was bouth From China evry thing els e work ok Tell me how much power the anylink need to work the light no not come on on the anylink I have try i transmiter from this Freind and the jet Work so it the transmiter and it Brand new I am waiting for a TATIC transmiter that wil come soon What is your Sujestion Merci Fernand

I have just brought the 2014 spektrum DX6 and I've also payed £27.99 for a Tactic anylink another £19.45 for the cable which has a 1 cell LiFe battery that has to be charged with a charger capable of delivering 0.2 mah . According to the instructions aHCAM6375 OR AGPMM3155,3156 . See your local hobby shop what a joke. I live in the UK and the only place I can find them is in the USA . To get it posted would cost at least another £60 total = £107.44 .A Tactic ttx650 is £104

I have a JR XP6102 transmitter with any-link2 adapter. My question is this how do I bind this combination to a Horzion Opterra 2m bind and fly aircraft

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