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Written by Scott McClurg / Jay Marsh
AMA government relations and Warbirds Over Delaware 2016
As seen in the October 2016 issue of
Model Aviation.

AMA government relations

Many good things have happened for model aviation recently: AMA member exemption from the FAA’s final sUAS Rule (Part 107), FAA recognizing AMA’s role as a community-based organization, clarifying flight above 400 feet under appropriate circumstances, and both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passing a 14-month FAA extension recognizing the importance of AMA and our strong commitment to safety.

This is all because of the persistence of our AMA Government and Regulatory Affairs Team, headed up by Rich Hanson. Let them know you appreciate their efforts on your behalf.

Warbirds Over Delaware

Scott McClurg sent in this report on the 25th anniversary of Warbirds Over Delaware.

For those who don’t know, Warbirds Over Delaware, put on by the Delaware R/C Club, is a combination Scale warbird fun-fly and air show. It attracts some of the best and most famous pilots and builders in the nation and it has a dedicated following.

The event has evolved and grown since beginning in the summer of 1992. There has to be something special to convince pilots to drive as much as 16 hours and face sweltering Delaware summers year after year. It’s the camaraderie. Everyone who goes to Warbirds Over Delaware goes to kick back, relax, have fun, see friends, and meet their idols, building friendships that last a lifetime.

A rainbow across Warbirds Over Delware.

This sense of fellowship was best exemplified this year in Roger Spoor. Roger was a member of Tidewater RC and had attended Warbirds Over Delaware 13 times. Unfortunately, in March, Roger was told by doctors that he only had a short time to live. Warbirds Over Delaware was almost four months away, but it was Roger’s last wish that he come see us all one more time, so he held strong and left hospice to attend.

Roger arrived with his wife, Jill, on Wednesday. His own club members had helped a lot by transporting his airplanes, and everyone from the Delaware R/C Club and Roger’s own club came together to look after him and arranged a canopy so he could watch the show from the flightline. Roger had the time of his life and every time I saw him, he was smiling from ear to ear.

Roger Spoor (center) with his award from Warbirds Over Delaware.

Contest directors Dave and Pete Malchione honored Roger with an award on Saturday morning. There, in front of everyone, Dave gave Roger his award and told him, “You are Warbirds Over Delaware.” With a big smile on his face, Roger addressed the crowd and told them, “This has been the greatest part of my life.” Roger passed away just a few days after arriving home from the event.

It’s also the awesomeness of Warbirds Over Delaware that makes it special, the flying of beautiful Giant Scale military aircraft—everything from World War I to modern jets—the Gaggle, the Scramble, and the raffles. Spectators could purchase a pit pass and talk with the pilots and see the airplanes up close.

From World War I ...

... to modern jets.

Everyone enjoyed the noon air show on Saturday, put on by the pilots attending Warbirds Over Delaware. Children ages 10 to 14 were given a chance to fly Andy Kane’s 50% scale clipped-wing Cub using a buddy box, while their parents and hundreds of spectators watched.

The 25th anniversary didn’t disappoint and we are looking forward to the 26th, so plan to attend.

To see more photos and videos of the event, or find out more about the Delaware R/C Club, visit and

Bonus video

Go fly and have fun safely.


Thank you for mentioning Roger in your article. I spoke to him on the phone as he was traveling home from the show. I asked him about the show and if he had a good time? He told me that "lt was great, everyone was there to send me off. I went out as a top gun." Roger Spoor is my brother and will be sorely missed. God speed brother!

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