XBC100 Smart Battery Checker & Servo Driver

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Written by Greg Gimlick Product Spotlight Worth a Closer Look As seen in the March 2020 issue of Model Aviation.
xbc100 smart battery

GREG GIMLICK REVIEWED the XBC100 Smart Battery Checker & Servo Driver and this is what he had to say:

When connected to a Spektrum Smart battery, you can check all of the integrated parameters such as the number of cycles, events, including overdischarging and overheating, adjust the Smart battery settings such as the automatic storage timer, and preset the charge current.

When connected to a non-Smart battery, you can still balance by connecting the standard balance connector and use the USB functions, along with the servo driver features. The XBC100 will balance each of your battery cells to within +/-0.005 volts accuracy. It’s a great deal for $39.99!

As a servo tester, this gem really stands out! Aside from doing all of the things a servo cycler/tester normally does, you can actually see how much current your servo is pulling as you run it through its range of motion. Connect your servo in whatever the application is and after centering and adjusting it in the usual manner, set it to auto cycle.

As it goes through the full range of motion, watch the LED screen and monitor the current. If you see a spike at a certain point of the range, you might have something binding. This is real-time testing of servo actuating that I’ve never had without setting up multiple meters and connectors.

The XBC100 includes an update port for easy access to updates and new features. This should ensure that this battery checker and servo driver will be a useful tool for years to come.

xbc100 smart battery


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