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A Giant Version Of A Classic Design, Now With Flaps!
The legend of the SIG Rascal began with a small rubber- powered free-flight model in the 1950s. Adapted for modern radio control, the Rascal's classic good looks and dream-come-true flying characteristics have made it the favorite everyday airplane of thousands of R/C pilots. With a wingspan of more than 9 feet, the Rascal 110 ARF is one of the few giant size models that you will be comfortable taking to the field and flying every day.
The Rascal 110 ARF flies as good as it looks! Streamlining and a high performance airfoil allow the Rascal 110 ARF to do maneuvers better than typical high wing designs. Slow rolls, point rolls, extended inverted flight, Cuban 8s, are all part of the Rascal 110's aerobatic routine. The light wing loading of the Rascal 110 ARF also makes it a versatile workhorse. Float flying, banner or glider tow, onboard video or camera work (several universities and the military are using them), parachute drop, night flying with add-on lights, and just about any other load carrying task is easy for the giant RASCAL 110 ARF. Available in two color schemes, the Rascal 110 ARF is meticulously covered with premium UltraCote® (aka ORACOVER®) film.

Wing Span: 110 in. (2794 mm)
Wing Area: 1522 sq. in (98.2 dm2)
Length: 75.75 in (1924 mm)
Flying Weight: 11 - 13 lbs. (4990 - 5897 g)
Wing Loading: 17 - 20 oz./sq.ft. (51 - 60 g/dm2)
Radio Req.: 5-Channel with 7 Heavy-Duty Servos
Glow Power:
2-Stroke 1.2 - 1.5 cu. in. (19.7 - 24.6 cc)
4-Stroke 1.2 - 1.8 cu. in. (19.7 - 29.5 cc)
Gas Power: 1.2 - 1.5 (19.7 - 24.6 cc)
Electric Power: 1600 watt (6320 - 250kv) Brushless Motor; 80A ESC; Lipo Battery Pack
Order No.:
SIGRC84ARFB - Rascal 110 ARF (White / Trans. Blue)
SIGRC84ARFR - Rascal 110 ARF (White / Trans. Red)

SIG Mfg. Co., Inc.

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