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Record number of register pilots celebrate the 2013 IRCHA Jamboree
Full event coverage featured in the December 2013 issue

The International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association’s (IRCHA) Jamboree 2013 is in the books, with a record number of 1,132 registered pilots. Held July 31 through August 4, the Jamboree was filled with excitement, from sponsor Power Hours and noon demos, to the One Competition and the night-fly competition and fireworks. This year during the Jamboree, a text-to-bid and live auction helped benefit the Snowball Express, an organization that looks after kids who have lost a parent in military service since 9/11. Eleven children were invited to attend IRCHA as VIP guests, and were treated to a day of flying, fun, and front-row seats for the One Competition, night-fly, and fireworks.

On hand were many manufacturers and distributors with their pilot representatives and top professional and sponsored US pilots, including Bert Kammerer, Bobby Watts, Nick Maxwell, Matt Botos, Jamie Robertson; and Kyle Dahl, among others. International countries were also represented well with pilots such as Oliver Jellen, who set a new record of 151 mph in the Speed Cup competition with a Henseliet TDR, and Timo Curliss, the night-fly competition winner at the recently held Heli Masters in Venlo, Netherlands.

If you love helicopters—micro to 800-size or of the 3-D, scale, or speed variety—the IRCHA Jamboree was the not-to-miss event of the year and the place to be! There was something for everyone to see and do, whether it was down Vendor Row, at Show Center, under seminar tents, or along the flightline with the myriad of other diehard fans of RC helicopters.

Look for full coverage of the IRCHA Jamboree 2013 in the December issue of Model Aviation!

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