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As seen in the June 2019 issue of Model Aviation.

Flex Innovations RV-8

FlightLine Corsair


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Blade Fusion 480

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The April issue of Model Aviation Featured an article titled "Customizing Your Gear." Here’s what Stephanie Formhals had to say: "2 years ago this month Ben and I started a little company called HotDogFPV. Our little company was highlighted in this article from the Academy of Model Aeronautics for being pioneers in the custom goggle strap world. A huge thanks to everyone who supports us, recommends us and follows us."

MIKE ZATLOKOWICZ: I have never strapped on with anything more satisfying, thank you!

CHRIS TEAL: The best company in the community!

DEREK KOZIOL: I’ll never forget the first post I saw from Ben. He was like hi I’m hotdog Ben and I make custom goggle straps. I was like wow I want one. And here we are.