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Expo Express

Explore the trade show floor with Model Aviation Editor-in-Chief Jay Smith and AMA Air’s Chris Savage.

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Fixed-Wing Focal Point

Fixed-wing airplane enthusiasts can take a closer look at a few of the notable products and vendors we found on the show floor.

Rotor Road

Helicopter and multirotor fans will find their home here, where we focus on rotary-wing aircraft.

Builder's Blueprint

Builders, this special video is for you! We’ll give you a peek at some of the vendors and products that could find their way into a workshop near you!

AMA Expo East 2017

Model hobby enthusiasts from along the East Coast gathered at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, on February 24 for opening day of the first AMA Expo East show, presented by Ready Made RC!
Past the line that zigzagged through the lobby in front of the box office, members of the Civil Air Patrol greeted visitors as they poured through the trade show doors to catch a glimpse of what 2017 would offer the hobby world.

It was great to see so many fellow hobbyists gathered in one place!

Members of the Civil Air Patrol welcomed each guest into the show, and their presentation of colors at the opening of each day was appreciated by many visitors.

Some visitors grabbed their wallets and took an immediate left to get a first look at hidden gems in the swap shop where flying stories were traded as eagerly as airplanes. Others in attendance for AMA Expo’s first Home School Day scooped up their little ones and broke right to grab a seat in the make-and-take airplane or rocket areas. There, they were inspired by a static display of masterfully crafted scale models of airplanes, boats, and cars that stretched across the exhibit hall.

Kids had the opportunity to get their first experiences with model aviation by building model airplanes and rockets.

Others were drawn by the buzz of FPV aircraft flying to the multipurpose Drone Cage where indoor fixed-wing models joined traditional helicopters and multirotors for indoor flying fun all weekend.

On the other end of the trade show floor, a foot of water covered one corner of the exhibit hall. The boat pond had model boating enthusiasts floating on cloud nine and was surrounded by model boating vendors and clubs.

Amid the sea of vendors, a full-scale Pietenpol provided a glimpse into the past, courtesy of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum. Officials with the museum were eager to talk with everyone about the aircraft and the fantastic museum.

The Drone Cage provided a great space for indoor flying. An FPV racecourse was set up inside, but all types of flying models were welcome.

Many made a point to check the schedule at the AMA Expo East speaker series stage to listen to personalities such Robert “Hoot” Gibson, who flew five missions as a NASA astronaut, and is a full-scale air racing pilot and a model aviation enthusiast.

Nikolai Sikorsky joined builder Sal Calvagna to discuss Sal’s 16-foot wingspan Sikorsky Ilya Muromets, The aircraft’s full-scale counterpart was designed by Nikolai’s father.

Also for the speaker series, David and Sarah Oneal of That Drone Show fame and the Huff family shared their stories about model aviation with eager listeners.

Robert “Hoot” Gibson presents to a standing-room-only crowd at the AMA Expo speaker stage.

If you couldn’t make it to AMA Expo East, check out our video coverage of the show floor below, presented by Motion RC. Then visit our Facebook page at to see our live broadcasts from the show, including a visit to Brownie’s Pro & Sport Hobbies in Staten Island, New York!


I am interested in what the details are about the Home School Day.
Can we expect that at AMA Expo West?
What information to parents and students was provided.
How was it promoted before the event. Was it well attended?

Hi Ronnie!

Home School Day was a success at AMA Expo East this year!

Promotion around the event included reaching out to home school groups in the local area, along with other groups that provide resources for home school students and educators.

At the show, Home School Day attendees could participate in activities such as trying model flying using RC flight simulators, building model rockets and simple airplane designs, observing RC boat demos, and even learning about STEM and after school programs.

Home school groups were also made aware of resources available through AMA at, and through Hobby Quest Foundation (, they could take advantage of even if they didn't attend the actual show.

Planning is still in process for AMA Expo West, so we can't say for certain yet whether or not there will be a Home School Day there, but stay tuned for details!

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